About Us

Journey to Tengin

Coconuts have been an integral part of my life, right from the very beginning. Having been brought up in a coconut farm near Bengaluru, i still have vivid images of picking/gathering coconuts with my dad. The ones that were sold helped run our household, and the rest were used in making copra. It was a simple life. Small needs, fueled by big ambitions. For decades, coconuts have let our village thrive in a subsistent environment, largely due to the multiple benefits that this fruit provides us with. This is where my journey with Tengin began. From my roots. The benefits that i had personally experienced from coconuts, specifically virgin coconut oil, deserved a bigger audience and deserved to be shared with the world. A few months into stumbling upon this god-sent wonder, i was experimenting with coconut oil on pretty much everything in my life - hair, skin, cooking! It was like a game of jeopardy in which everything, for me, pointed to coconut oil. Once i had successfully convinced myself about this amazing "discovery", it was time to spread my wings further and be the unofficial spokesperson for this gift from Kalpavriksha! Just as i am today, everyone deserved to be nuts about coconuts!

But then, as she does, reality slapped and pinned me to the ground. It was delusional to assume i was the first, or that i would be the last. Markets have always worked on a healthy dose of competition and there were so many birds fighting for the same worm. But the fight did not interest me. My motives and my end goal, were very clear - a fervent enthusiasm to bring this magic to everyone. And that's where the second leg of my journey began. The aim being to produce the best, not the most. And i could not have found a better inspiration than those who i grew up watching, those who have perfected an art without ever taking it for granted. The farmers in my village had been practicing natural farming for years, handing it down from generations while maintaining an honesty in the produce that is not quantifiable. The traditional cold-press technique and eco-friendly processing of the finest hand-picked coconuts, to produce the purest virgin coconut oil, have helped us in preserving the essence of this marvel. A wide-mouthed glass jar of magic drops - drops of pure, unadultered beauty of nature.

  • 100% Natural & Pure

    Our coconuts are picked directly by farmers who maintain their farms organically. And we use traditional methods to extract this wonder.

  • Women Empowerment & Fair Trade

    We work closely with farmers, focussing on the female workforce to produce Tengin, while creating multiple jobs in villages. This aids the improvement of their economic status and well being, while making sure that they aren’t disadvantaged at any stage.

  • Say No To Plastic

    Tengin’s packaging, which uses wide-mouthed glass jars ensures zero rate of chemical interactions. This further maintains the integrity of our produce throughout the year, while continuously advocating our endeavour to save and protect our environment.

But don't just take my word for it. You are one step away from changing your life forever. Welcome to Tengin!


At Tengin, the power of purity is paramount, because we know what that means to you. With every jar, we strive to consistently deliver the highest quality of virgin coconut oil, while ensuring things that remain important to us are not disturbed. Empowerment of women, and fair & ethical treatment of farmers hold the highest position in our value statements. Those who protect and preserve mother nature, deserve our full and complete support. And that is why, with a belief system so deep-rooted in the very essence of our traditions, you get an unmatched and unwavering care from Tengin.